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Some Windtower Background

A general background to the Canmore Area and the Windtower location can be found HERE. Canmore is a bit unusual in that it is primarily a tourist town but with a non-resident ownership population of ~30%, which is not that difficult to understand when you visit. As such, its economy is somewhat shielded from the rest of Alberta with a buoyant employment market particularly in all aspects of tourism.

The Windtower was built in 2002 by Canmore Condominium Management Inc. as the Construction Company and Canmore Condominium Projects Inc.(CCPI) as the Developer, both Companies owned by Standens Management Inc., whose directors were Gerald Lockey, Mel Svendsen and Robert Poffenroth. Standens Developments Inc. (SDI) was a successor or assignee of CCPI. Standens are a Calgary engineering company with no obvious links to the hospitality market. Originally the Windtower was managed by Jim Muir of Summit Hotel and Resort Management then at some point switched to Condominium First Management Services Ltd. However, sometime in 2004, this arrangement fell apart and Standens formed their own company. SDI conducted this business under the trade name of Standens Hospitality Services (SHS), to take over the management contract. A partial history of Standens involvement is outlined here.

In April 2012, Gerald Lockey, Financial Director at Standens (plus all the above interests), resigned. Reasons are unknown but negotiations were probably underway to incorporate Standens in the Ingersoll Machine and Tool Corporation (IMT). Because he was the controlling mind of SHS etc., it could no longer reasonably operate so notice was given on the 30th.July 2012 to cease operations at teh Windtower. A proposal from Hotels and Condo Management Inc (HCM) was received and accepted for the next month but subsequently the directors of HCM, Alain Latulippe and Monica Lavery went on ‘extended leave’ and were charged with gross misappropriation of funds. This case is on-going. Gerald Lockey was also charged but a settlement was reached with the Windtower.

The management of the Windtower was then taken over by Bob Ward, a friend of Gerald Lockey, who got him elected originally to the Condo Board in 2012 as a‘Trustee’ although he was not an owner. Subsequently he took on the post of Manager and has been responsible for significant improvements at the Windtower.

Apartment Photos

TV and Fireplace Apartment Layout Lounge Area Kitchen Area Lounge and Kitchen Mountain View from Apartment Main Bedroom Barbeque on the Deck