The Condominium Board, Members Past and Present

Richard Bourassa was a graduate of the University of Calgary, receiving his Bachelor of Laws degree in 1969. He was admitted to the Bar in 1970 and joined the firm of Caron Partners, Calgary His areas of practice included Corporate and Commercial Law, Family Law and Real Estate. Quite a pompous individual, he clearly didn't get around much. He was the Regional Chair in Calgary for the Liberal Party of Canada. A Windtower Board Member and President from 2008 to 2012. He presided over the most difficult and costly period for the Windtower Owners in the history of the Windtower Condominium.

Bob Ward Bob emigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1978 and joined the Calgary Police Service. He served on the Joint Venture Vacation Owners Committee for 8 years before joining the Windtower Board. He was appointed General Manager of the Condo Corporation in 2012 and had oversseen many changes at the Windower. He does not have a background in Hospitality or Condominium Management but has significantly improved the condions at and the status of the Windtower, and for that we owe him a debt of gratitude

Steve Dantzer Associate Vice-President, Facilities Development , University of Calgary. At the University he leads a team of planners, architects, engineers, interior designers and project management professionals ready to assist in developing world-class teaching, research and living environments. His team aim to make a complicated process manageable and understandable, delivering projects on time, on budget and in accordance with the approved scope and specifications. He is the longest serving member of the Windtower Board

Steve Kopke He emigrated from South Africa in 2006 and has worked in the financial sector for 24 years. Currently an accounts manager with BMO. Has served on the Windtower Board for a number of years.

Jim Goodwin Jointly owns an apartment at the Windtower with Nancy Love. Nancy Love is an ex-Board member. He is a Principal of Dialog, a firm of architectural designers, and is a specialist in several highly complex fields, the design of high-level research and lab facilities, major hospitals and police/security/intelligence installations.. For over 35 years, he has made it his focus. Key projects include the University of Calgary's Health Research Innovation Centre and the National Headquarters Building in Ottawa

Stephen Law He emigrated to Canada in 1988 prior to China regaining the sovreignty of Hong Kong . At the time, Canada offered residency to many Hong Kong citizens wishing to leave with a price tag attached. He owns the GLS Group in Calgary which has grown from being an investment company for income properties; property management and real estate brokerage; immigration agency... etc.A pal of both Latillipe and Lockey, he was partley resposible for setting up latullipe as a Real Estate broker at the time when SHS were illegally forcing Owners to rent and sell through them.

Gerald Lockey He was Chief Financial Officer of Standens ltd., Calgary. As such he was Alain Latulippe's boss. He owned 30+ Vacation Units and a few Owner apartments in the Windtower. He was also the Developer and Managing Director of Canmore Condominim Projects Inc., an Alberta Company incorporated in 2000 to finance the building of the Windtower. Apart from being a "permanent" member of the Condonminium Board, he is also was Director of the Windtower Corporation. With a significant block vote capability he was able to significantly influence the Board decision making process

Francis Ziegler A Vacation unit owner who has served on the Condominium Board since 2012. He retired from Amoco Petroleum in 1996. Is a regular attendee at AGM's and looking at the minutes during the Lockey/Latullipe eras, you will see that he was a regular supporter of them, proposing and seconding many support motions.

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