The Bob Ward Era

The first reference to Bob Ward appeared in the confrontation the Michael Benoit had with Latulippe and the Board. Ward was the Board’s ‘legal’ representative and one assumes some form of mediator. He was/is a friend of Gerald Lockey and living in a Lockey apartment (CCPI - 179) at the Windtower following his divorce and we assume he was brought in by Lockey partly to sort out some of the mess created by Latullipe, particularly in regard to the Vacation apartments. We have no idea if he made any difference to the Benoit case.

We next heard of Bob Ward just prior to the 2012 AGM in March when owners were sent out ready printed proxy forms nominating and recommending him for board membership as ‘owner’ and ‘trustee’. This was highly unusual to have a printed formal nomination form presented in what resembled a fate accompli rather than a democratic vote. A number of Windtower owners objected to the Board pushing its own ‘unknown’ candidate but because of the Lockey block vote of course he got elected to the Board. It is also questionable as to whether he was an ‘owner’ owner of what? Unit 179 was in fact transferred in 2012 (September 29th 2012 Board Meeting minutes) as a CCPI property. Conversely a ‘trustee’ of what? It would appear that in his own words he served on the Vacation Units Board for a number of years prior to 2012. Bob Ward was in fact a non-resident at the time of the 2012 AGM but the Chair (R.Bourassa) ruled that he could stand after reviewing the ByLaws. Whether his election was totally compliant with the ByLaws is questionable. He was elected with another new candidate, a Latulippe ‘yes’ man.

The situation in 2012 then gets quite interesting:-

There is then a period of uncertainty regarding the Management contract at the Windtower. SHS expressed an interest in continuing for 2 years but no proposal was put forward. Latulippe and Lavery were interested in continuing with a new Company, HCM (Hotel and Condominium management Inc.) and their proposal was accepted in June by the Board. However, Bob Ward was in a totally different category to Bourassa and he rightly made it his business to get more involved with the running of the Windtower to improve the overall conditions that had deteriorated so much under SHS. Well of course that did not go down well with Latullipe who had been used to years of the board just agreeing with him and asking no questions. Ward wanted to understand what was going on in order to improve things which meant taking a closer look at Latulippe’s activities. It was Ward’s view that the Manager should work for the Board, as supported by the ByLaws in fact, not the other way around. Then in July, Lockey resigned at Standens and Standens put a monitor in place to restructure their finances. This of course produced a potential headache for the Windtower because of the web of Lockey’s (Standens) companies intimately bound up with Windtower. Ward actually supported Latullipe with the new company HCM and advance payments were made and worked with him to make the transfer a success. However, in trying to get the Windtower finances together in the light of Lockey’s resignation, some financial irregularities were discovered in relation to Latullipe’s and SHS activities which resulted in Latullipe aggressively confronting the Board accusing them of interference. Subsequently, Latullipe, Lavery and the Maintenance Manager staged a walk-out, taking computers and all accounts data with them.

A number of options were considered by the Board, clearly the situation with Latullipe was untenable. Subsequently the President assumed temporary management of the Windtower assisted by other Board members at regular meetings. It is interesting to note that whilst Bourassa was President of the Board, the Board had all the characteristics of a ‘Bad Board’ whereas after Ward took over, it could be classed as a ‘Good Board’ even though the same ordinary Board members were typically still in what does that tell you? In August of 2012:-

Although Bob Ward had no past experience of Hospitality or Condominium management, his appointment did turn out to be very successful in that he transformed the living conditions at the Windtower for all concerned without the Latullipe style confrontations. Not only did he get rid of most of the SHS list of unreasonable fees and infractions but the restaurant and bar were now well patronised, the front desk would now speak to Owners and management fees were reduced. With computers and accounts data stolen, a lot of time and effort went into reassembling the Windtower accounts, particularly on the Vacation side of the business and sorting out the Lockey legacy. Two affidavits were taken out, the first against Lockey, Latullipe and Lavery. Lockey and Standens settled out of court on that with the transfer of assets to the Windtower but there is still an outstanding affidavit against Latullipe and Lavery. Reading these is somewhat of an eye-opener into the corruption and dirty dealing going on behind the scenes when a crook is allowed into a position of trust.

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