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In 2008 whilst on holiday in Canmore Alberta, my wife and I did what you should never do n holiday, we bought a Condominium apartment. We had been in Canmore before, as well as other places in southern Alberta, but basically we fell in love with Canmore, it was a charming and unique small town in the Rockies surrounded by spectacular scenery.....see photos.

We visited regularly for a few years and had friends to stay and in June 2011 we decided to rent since selling was not an option at that time with falling property prices. In 2016 property prices had came back up we sold the apartment.

Would we do it all again......NO

This website tells of our experiences, being UK residents and owning property in Canada. Canadians for the most part are friendly, likeable people but we did come across some quite dodgy behaviour where you would have least expected it.

The Documentation Pile

The main problem we had with Canada was beaurocracy, it is very heavily regulated especially where non-residents are concerned. Canada will easily allow non-residents to purchase real estate but then if you decide to rent out the property and subsequently sell, you then enter a whole new world of mandatory documentation, procedures and form filling. So as a consequence of 8 years of ownership, we accumulated a massive pile of documents....see photo...not to mention 3Gb of data held on computer. Part of this pile is a result of our decision to deal with all legal and procedural documentation ourselves with the Condominium corporation, the rental agency, Canada Revenue, HMRC and lawyers. Apparently this is unusual, even for Canadians, who often employ specialists but we took on the challenge and survived. All will be detailed on this site.

As you might expect, owning a property in Canada was very different to the UK. As Condominium members, we were confronted by a whole new way of life, positive at first but subsequently burdensome once the rules, regulations and documentation responsibilities kick-in. After several site visits we chose an apartment in the Windtower at Canmore. Why the Windtower, well apart from the name, it was quite different from other real estate available at that time, it certainly had a lot of character and was a bit querky, a bit like marmite really, you either love it or hate it. We loved it a first but unfortunately the Management at the time turned out to be corrupt so for a while we did hate it until new Management came along. So in the end we loved it again and were very sad to sell it on.

Located one-hour West of Calgary and only 5 minutes from the Banff National Park, Canmore lies nestled along the banks of the Bow River in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Thousands of tourists visit Canmore each year. Settled in 1883, Canmore had a modest beginning as a coal-mining town that continued until the mine was closed permanently in 1979. Chosen as the site of the Nordic Ski Events (Canmore Nordic Center) for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, Canmore was soon attracting international attention as a major tourist destination. During the past 12 years there has been significant residential and commercial growth in the town resulting in a current population of over 17,000 of whom 20% are non-resident. Known for it's endless outdoor recreational opportunities, Canmore continues to enjoy growth while maintaining it's small town atmosphere.

There is no doubt that Canmore is avery attractive place to live and we did consider living there permanently. This was not our original intention when we purchased the Apartment but after a number of enjoyable visits we did consider it seriously. As visitors it is not possible to permanently reside in C anada so we made applications for residency. Now despite having a Canadian Father, two Canadian brothers, more that enough qualification points and the ability to support ourselves, we were refused. Interestingly, Canada allows in 250,000 migrants every year, a considerable number with no obvious ties to Canada and no means of supporting themselves.